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BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

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Posted 03-02-2010 at 05:05 AM by hdawg

ok ok ok everyone posted yesterday about the availability of BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Edition. I previously mentioned some info about the impending release but lets dive a little deeper ...

First off, remember that BES Express is effectively BPS 5.0. You'll get most of the base functionality that BES touts, but expect some limitations. Just like BPS never got past SP4 of 4.1, expect there to be limited functionality going forward. Yes you're getting BES ... but you're getting what you pay for; don't forget that. BES Express is a great way for RIM to get people to use more BlackBerry handhelds and to further integrate work / personal life. Don't get me wrong, I love it ... but keep that in mind.

Take a look at the attached; BES Express Policy Reference Guide. You'll notice there are significantly less policy settings in this guide than in the BES Policy Reference Guide For a complete guide of BES Express Policy settings check out KB21123. Sure these rules will fit most small business and organizations looking to implement BES ... but if it doesn't and you've invested in BlackBerry you'll need to pay for full BES. I think there is a way to make all IT Policy settings work with BES Express with some database manipulation, taking what is in a BES database, but that's for another day.

Let's move on to activating smartphones with BES Express. The cool thing is you don't need a BES data plan to work with BES Express. You needed it for BPS and the old BES Express ... but now you don't. If you don't have a BES data plan, but instead have a BIS data plan you can Enterprise Activate ... just not wirelessly. Definitely cost /effort prohibitive in an enterprise, but in a small organization use Desktop Manager, Web Desktop Manager, or the BAS (tethered). If you want to use Wireless Enterprise Activation or a WiFi Enterprise Activation you'll need to have a BES data plan provisioned. That said, I can't think of why you couldn't provision a device with a BES data plan, complete the Enterprise Activation and then remove the BES data plan, leaving only the BIS data plan. Check out the following KB's about activation devices on BES Express:

KB21209 - How to check if a BlackBerry smartphone can be used in a BlackBerry Enterprise Server or a BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express
KB21124 - How to activate a BlackBerry smartphone using BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express version 5.0 SP1

Last, let's take a quick look at migration and upgrade options for BES Express ... This is where, in my opinion the product really goes downhill I wish I could say it shined here ... but no. I get it ... BES Express is a reduction in functionality so migrating TO it would obviously be difficult, and why would you provide the ability to downgrade a product ... but for those running BPS this is an obvious upgrade. I can upgrade from BPS to BES, but I can't to BES Express? #fail.

If you want to move from any version of BES up until 5.0 SP1 or BPS 4.1 SP4 to BES Express, RIM provides these steps to do so:
  1. Delete the BlackBerry smartphone user account from the current BES
  2. Back up the BlackBerry smartphone (so you can restore anything after the new activation)
  3. Perform a security wipe on the BlackBerry smartphone (yup, you're wiping it all)
  4. Add the BlackBerry smartphone user as a new user on BES Express (oh joy)
  5. Activate the BlackBerry smartphone
  6. Restore any settings / options / applications.

Hey, that's the same procedure I'm supposed to use if I move domains (and can't use the Enterprise Transporter) or if I go from Domino to Exchange. Again, sure m a small organization I can do this without too much pain ... but this certainly doesn't make it easy to implement if you already have BPS/BES ... this isn't an upgrade.

I'm glad to see this new BES Express ... but I'm sad at the epic failure with the inability to upgrade from BPS; which really would have been the sweet spot for this product. Here's to hoping that functionality gets added soon ... maybe WES?
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