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Managing BES <> Exchange Mappings

Posted 07-06-2009 at 11:23 PM by hdawg

I see this time and time again ... A single BES with users from 20+ Exchange servers. One Exchange server has poor performance and instantly 20% of all BES users experience message delays, and all of their mailboxes are in a constant state of RESCAN instead of messages being delivered by UDP NOTIFY.

In addition, you notice errors in the MAGT, ALRT, and then the CTRL log indicating that it has restarted a given agent a maximum amount of times within 24 hours and it will not restart:

[20406] (06/01 15:23:12.042):{0x22AC} 'TESTBES1' agent 1: will not restart - reached the maximum of 10 restarts per 24 hours

... The only way to get that Messaging Agent back to life is to restart the operating system.

If you're in such a situation that you cannot relocate users and you have a ratio of more than 5 (maximum default # of Messaging Agents a BES will create) Exchange servers communicating with a single BES you should look to implement the following registry tweak ... matching the NumAgents value to the number of Exchange servers you have communicating with that BES.

Increase the maximum number of BlackBerry Messaging Agents
Warning: You're going to be increasing the default maximum of 5 Messaging Agents on a BES to whatever number you choose. The most I've seen on a server is 20 ... it ran; and ran fine. It was also loaded up with memory, didn't run MDS or Attachment Server locally, and was being properly monitored.
  1. To open the Registry Editor, click Start > Run, type regedit and click OK.
  2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Agents.
  3. Double-click NumAgents.
  4. In the Value data field, type 10 and select the Decimal option.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Close the Registry Editor.
The above value of 10 is an example. Let this be a lesson: Manage your BES <> Exchange mappings.
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  1. Old Comment
    next question would be: how to use the 10 messaging agents..i am using the default which is 2..

    i tried on the BB manager EDIT PROPERTIES ona user then Advanced then Enabled Static Message Agent them it automatically assigned a new value to my user (from 2 it became 300)...

    Meaning i have to do this to all my users?
    Posted 08-01-2009 at 08:45 AM by cyberkamote cyberkamote is offline
  2. Old Comment
    hdawg's Avatar
    You need to go into the registry and set the appropriate values for NumAgents and MaxUsersPerAgent. Increase / set NumAgents to a binary value of 10 and decrease MaxUsersPerAgent from the default of 500 if needed.
    Posted 08-01-2009 at 11:25 PM by hdawg hdawg is offline
  3. Old Comment
    I'm now being told by RIM Dart leads to NOT do a 1:1 Exchange/Agent mapping. He said they didn't condone or recommend that practice. My counterpart at headquarters is now telling me to roll back that change to default because of what RIM's saying. I'm reluctant to do so, because we haven't had any apparent issues out of our servers that are running like this.

    Our BES servers are new boxes, with 6gb RAM and 16 cores... I'm not scared of a little extra resource usage.
    Posted 05-26-2010 at 11:10 AM by PSCArmstrSM PSCArmstrSM is offline
  4. Old Comment
    hdawg's Avatar
    What they heck are they recommending? 5 Exchange to 1 Agent? Or are they saying 1 Exchange to multiple agents? I could see the latter ... which I would actually recommend. Especially in an environment like yours you could easily support 15+ agents.
    Posted 05-26-2010 at 11:13 AM by hdawg hdawg is offline
  5. Old Comment
    They are recommending setting the NumAgents and NumAgentsFull to the default of 5. They want BES to manage it.
    Posted 05-26-2010 at 12:11 PM by PSCArmstrSM PSCArmstrSM is offline
  6. Old Comment
    hdawg's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure we've both seen real world examples of it working better going the other way
    Posted 05-26-2010 at 12:12 PM by hdawg hdawg is offline
  7. Old Comment
    Posted 05-26-2010 at 12:31 PM by PSCArmstrSM PSCArmstrSM is offline

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